Yaeshii Group found 1980 . After 42 years development extend to building area 130 thousand square meters .We have 6 manufactory site located in Nanchang .Shenzhen . Guangzhou . Foshan. Ningbo ,Qingdao. Each manufacture site have 8-12pcs production line , over 35 unit semi-automatic equipment and 4pcs test room, Around 1500 professional workers and QC in each site

Yaeshii Sales Center

We are a young, energetic, professional and enthusiastic team
  • Yaeshii have extremely talented design
  •  Yaeshii have a careful and rigorous QC team
  • Yaeshii have a visionary and innovative R&D team
  • Yaeshii have a purchasing team with great market insight
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1.Raw Material
Select high-quality raw materials through a professional purchasing team
2.Production Line
Uniform clothing, neat equipment, self-disciplined employees, 24-hour monitoring of production
3.Semi-finished products list
Samples are made through the inspection to ensure the perfect shape of the product
Packing Line
Strictly follow product packaging requirements to escort product transportation.
Sample List
Provide customers with diversified choices and product-integrated services
Large automated warehouse that can store goods, providing a good storage environment

We Would be Always Around You

Our Team

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