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  • Different materials with ABS, wood, bamboo, acetic acid.
  • Different hair tools with a detangling hairbrush, hair curler, hairdryer, hair straightener, massage air cushion brush, hair cutting scissors, etc.
  • Different packages with opp/pvc/cotton bag, paper/gift box etc.

Custom Any Hair Brush For Your Business

Yaeshii can provide a printed logo on each hair brush handle with customized packing based on small MOQ 1500-2500PCS. We can produce any color as you requested via Pantone no. Like rose red, pink .blue with rose gold color. Yaeshii has ISO9001, CE, BSCI, FSC.SGS. Rohs.BUREAUsAS etc.Certification.We have new and fashionable plastic and wooden handle hair brush for salon artists to use. Yaeshii has an automatic hair planting machine and experience working with QC on duty.

Custom Cloth Packing

Cloth Bag Packing: Natural cotton and linen material, environmentally friendly and safe, recyclable, support custom logo. Your best-customized hair brushes.

Black Paddle Brush

Nylon pins can stimulate and message your scalp accelerate blood circulation. Boar bristle hair can project your hair decrease dandruff and hair bifurcate.

Luscious Beard Brush

Beard brush manufacturers it has everything you need to pamper yourself in the luscious scent of nature and leave your skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.

Egg Detangle Hair Brush

Custom detangling brush delicate oval appearance, easy to carry, round high and low comb design, anti-static, anti-hair loss, easy to comb knotted hair.

Wooden bristle brush

It has a very strong handle and the bristle brush is less prone to tangles in long hair with minimal pulling on the hair and painless detangling of all knots.

Straightener Hair Brush

Straight hair comb straight hair artifact does not hurt hair LCD screen negative ion lazy student straight hair stick home a comb.

Wooden Hair Brush Set

Use a 100% Natural boar bristle bamboo hairbrush to keep your hair smooth. Available for wooden hair brush wholesale. Prevents cradle cap.

Waterproof ABS Detangling Hair Brush

The hollow design on the back can effectively dissipate heat, the comb can massage the scalp, is suitable for wet and dry use, is easy to clean, and recyclable.

Natural Wooden Comb

Wholesale Wooden Comb : Length: 7inch Weight:25g Material: Peach. The feel of wood on your scalp is amazing. It sort of gives you a mini scalp massage when you use it. Eventually distribute hair oils.

Over 42 Years Professional Experience

Yaeshii was established in 1980 with an old but classic wooden process factory. After 42 years of development, we have an 8pcs production line, over 30 unit semi-automatic machines, 1200 experience workers, and QC for each process. We can produce all kinds of plastic, silicone, wooden, bamboo, and some biodegradable material for plenty of hairbrushes, hair comb, and hair kits. We have 8300 square meter warehouses in different cities for stock and transportation by train, by sea, or by air.

professional experience

24 Hour Online Sweet Service

Yaeshii sales center location in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province. We provide 24H/7D Online Sweet Service. We have 35 after-sales staff and 10 directors with 3 shifts in 24H to receive all customers from worldwide by Email. Phone call.Whatsapp and social media like Whatsapp.Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Tiktok. Amazon. Alibaba. Aliexpress. Walmart etc. Yaeshii sales center can respond within 30min for emergency cases.

ODM, OEM, OBM For Authorized Brand

Yaeshii OEM, ODM for plenty of beauty brands such as Sephora. Mac. Dior. Chanel. Sisley.Wet Brush. Tangle Teezer.NYX. AVON. Olay. We also can start a new model for any new brand or private any fashion label as customized BOM. We had supported 1550 small brands to develop a fantastic brand in the worldwide market and regions as well.

Why 1000+Clients Trust YaeShii

paper card hair brush

Window box clearly check appearance,Display on the goods shelf. Save Material with paper insert

paper box

Exquisite appearance, combs can be combined and matched to make a gift, support color, and logo customization

PVC box

Protect the comb from moisture and oxidation, and the product inside can be clearly seen, supports silk-screen logo labeling


A+Class, Perpetual, Eco-friendly


Elegant, Normal, Economical


Are you ready?

Dear friend, very lucky to meet you here, you can choose the products you are interested in, if you need more detailed information, please contact us

  • We have sufficient raw materials & best-selling hairdressing products with fashion custom style.
  • We provide the most competitive wholesale prices to achieve a win-win goal.
  • We formulate a precise marketing plan according to the local market situation.
Is the logo on hairbrush easy to fall off?

Our logo is not easy to fall off under normal circumstances, except for special circumstances such as long-term soaking in water and scratching with brute force

How long is the using life of the hairbrush?

Our hairbrush can be cycled repeatedly and used forever

Can the hairbrush massage people head?

We all use sleek combs, which do not harm the scalp and promote blood circulation in the head. For some combs, we add high-quality bristle brushes. It can carry sebum, natural oil that is produced by the scalp and naturally conditions hair. Nylon tips gently stimulate and massage the scalp providing an irresistible message. Increased blood flow has proven to result in faster hair growth.

Which hairbrush materials can you consider?

We customize a variety of materials, such as wood, ABS, beech, acetic acid, etc.

How to choose a hairbrush for different hairstyles?

Yaeshii hair brush supplier can customize the material according to your requirements We produce a variety of hair brushes, which are suitable for different hair styles. If you provide a hair style, I will help you choose the most suitable hair brush

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