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Electric Nail Drill Kit has powerful speeds to ensure effective polishing, bringing you the best manicure or pedicure experience. Portable and easy to carry.

The portable nail drill set comes with 6 different metal drill bits, 6 sand bands, and 1 flame bit. See-through design helps you figure out the desired bits quickly. Best gift.

Great For Various Nail Artwork.

What does R and F mean on a nail drill?

The F/R button can help you choose the direction of rotation (Forward Direction or Reverse Direction).

Are nail drill bits universal?

Nail drill bits comes in a variety of materials , shapes , sizes , and grits, with different uses and purpose for each kind.

What is E file nails?

An electric nail drill or e-file is an electric-powered rotary tool used for filing nails or removing nail enhancements. To do  specific jobs , a nail drill  would need “bits”. These coated drill tips come in various grits , materials , sizes, and shapes.

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