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Yaeshii is the high-quality cutting scissors supplier for numerous distributors, wholesales results to provide the best service to each of our customers and expect the cooperation.

Personalized cutting scissors are equipped with a fixed screw, minimum resistance, easy opening and closing, long-term use without loosening. Its distinctive easy-grip handle design.

Custom cutting scissor is lightweight. Intelligently designed for Women, Men, Kids, the elderly, and Pets. Exclusively crafted to give a powerful cut and feel while requiring little thumb pressure and no hand fatigue.

Which makes our wholesale cutting scissors can evenly trim hair with ease and for very long-time use. Our hair-cut scissors are tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges to evenly trim.

All are polished by our professional workers from our cutting scissors manufacturer, and they care about every detail of shear to make the cutting scissors touch smooth and looked shiny. The connection is smooth and stable even for long-time use.

This chinese cutting scissors pro is equipped with Industry-leading adjustable high screw, minimum resistance, easy opening and closing, long-term use without loosening. Its opposing handle can make your finger feel comfortable even for holding a long time.

The china cutting scissors measure 6.5 inch with cutting blades that measure 2.5 inch, the professional barber hair cutting scissor is safe and easy to use on men, women, the elderly, children, and babies. The curvature of the haircut after the haircut is larger.

Yaeshii Haircut Scissors Technology Meet Your Multifarious Demands.


What metals are used in my scissors?

The process of making good scissors steel is the result of an exact recipe in which several ores, alloys and elements are combined in a well-balanced mixture that gives you just the right cutting tool. A steel that is too hard will not perform well for slide or dry cutting.

What are the different categories of stainless steel used to produce hair cutting scissors.

Good quality stainless steels are divided into categories depending on the alloys used in their production., you will save time and money later.

Does stainless steel mean that my scissors is stain proof?

Stylists need to remember that STAINLESS STEEL is not stain PROOF steel.

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