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Yaeshii as one of the cream bottle manufacturers

Jars, bottles, pots, tubes, pens, compacts, and liquid dispensing solutions are all examples of cosmetic containers. Each container has a unique shape and function, but in the realm of ‘cosmetic containers,’ each product is classified as skincare, hair, or beauty. Yaeshii has an assortment of unique packaging items that allow you to experiment with new ideas and keep an eye on cutting-edge designs that are relevant to the current market cycle.

Cream Bottle Packaging

Jars, airless containers, bottles with dispensing pumps, and bottles with simple lids are typical packaging for these product lines. There is an enormous selection to pick from. So, to get things started, Yaeshii as one of the cream bottle manufacturers put up a list of options we think you’ll love.

Airless Spray Pump Bottle

Airless Spray Pump Bottle with a spray pump finish. One of the advantages of the airless system is that the product is not exposed to air until it is dispensed.

Airless Cream Pump Bottle

Airless Cream Pump Bottle device using a mechanical pump in a bottle. As you press down on the pump, the disc bottle rises, pushing the product out.

Push Down Dispensing Jar

One of the best selling cream bottle packaging per cream bottle manufacturers. The mechanism in this dispenser automatically opens and closes when used.

Cream Pump Bottle

Creams, lotions, and oils work well in a Cream Pump Bottle. The nicest part is that it can be used again. Top product in cream bottle factory because of its quality.

Double Dispensing

Double-dispensing bottle for cream and lotion for the skin. This bottle can be used for a variety of body parts, such as the face, hands, and body care products.

Classic Disc Cap

Classic Disc Cap comes in a variety of neck sizes and patterns. Our designs look well on a variety of bottle types, making it simple to create the product you want.

Cream Acrylic Bottle

Cream Acrylic Bottle is shining and more transparent. It is also durable so it will not easily break. Perfect Used in creams, essences, and cosmetics.

Cream Luxury Jar

Cream Luxury Jar with elegant color appearance, moisture proof, non-leakage, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, chemical composition more stable than plastic.

Silver Cream Pumps

Find out more about our Silver Cream Pumps bottle dispensing units. Developed for the health and beauty industry. Perfect for your cream bottle business.

Can I pick up my order at cream bottle factory?

This service is only available for items that are brought into our office. Please call us at 0086 137 3291 6746 if you prefer to pick up your products.

What is the best way to track my order?

You will receive a shipping notification email with tracking information once your product ships. With this information, you can track your package.

How can I know if a container or closure will work with my product?

There will be product testing at the cream bottle factory to ensure which container best for your product. Our team will contact you as soon as the results come out.


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