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Hot Sale Barber Shears. Supplying our customers with high quality and competitive prices of barber shears.

Our barber shears are made with great material which is suitable for wet and dry hairs. These trimming scissors for hair styling are hand polished and long-lasting.

The Barber shears scissors for hair are built with a convex edge blade makes it long-lasting, and sharp blades provide a smooth, powerful cut and will not damage hair ends.

Stripe barber shears are used for a smarter haircut, it is also suitable for trimming, shaping, and thinning hairs at home and barber salons. Perfect for all ages.

Do The Scissors Have Warranty?

All Yaeshii scissors are carefully crafted and inspected under under strict guidelines both at the factory level and at the distributor level. Warranty coverage extends to all blade imperfections and must be reported until 12 months of using the scissors.

Where Are The Scissors Made?

Yaeshii scissors are authentically made in China. Our operations consists of a research and development team, as well as our craftsmen in our factory based in China.

What If I Ordered Online And I’m Not Home To Receive The Scissors?

If you are not home to receive the package delivery. We will notify you by email for pickup at your local post office. You must bring ID to pick up the package.

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