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With custom Foreo Luna Play wholesale innovative facial washing tools, you can cleanse and tighten your face in the comfort of your own home. You may get clean skin, a youthful glow, and long-lasting results with little effort. Getting rid of up to 99.5% of contaminants has never been simpler.

Yaeshii as the Foreo Luna Suppliers and Manufacturers, made the products very sanitary silicone and is bacteria-resistant to lessen outbreaks. Additionally, it exfoliates the skin gently, eliminating old skin cells to reveal new, healthy skin below. 81% of users report fewer blemishes appearing, while 96% of users report skin that looks better.

Foreo Luna 2

The most potent face exfoliating brush made by Yaeshii as the foreo luna manufacturer to date is Foreo Luna 2. Dual motors, a ground-breaking anti-aging technology, and a specifically designed brush head make up the Foreo Luna 2, which is ideal for all skin types. Foreo Luna 2 has Dual T Sonic Advance Technology.

Foreo Luna 3

Foreo Luna 3 is far more efficient than simply washing your hands since Foreo Luna 3 can remove up to 99.5% of grime, oil, and makeup residue. The T-SonicTM pulsations Foreo Luna 3 can widen pores to flush out impurities from deep inside, lowering the likelihood of a breakout and leaving you with a clear complexion.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

The Foreo Luna Mini 2 is an improved T-SonicTM tiny face cleaning brush with 8 programmable intensities for a completely customizable cleansing experience. The ground-breaking Foreo Luna Mini 2 removes impurities that lead to blemishes while also being gentle on the skin. Foreo Luna Mini 2 1 minute cleanse.

Foreo Luna 3 Plus

Foreo Luna 3 Plus gives you control over beauty. Foreo Luna 3 Plus is the only piece of beauty technology in existence that combines targeted microcurrent with thermo-cleansing. The ultra-soft silicone touchpoints of Foreo Luna 3 Plus are 35 times more sanitary than nylon brushes and eliminate 99.5% of germs.

Foreo Luna Mini 3

Foreo Luna Mini 3 is an improved version of the T-Sonic TM facial cleansing massager. Foreo Luna Mini 3 offers a fully personalized skincare experience. Foreo Luna Mini 3 has brand-new 30-second Glow Boost mode, a bigger brush head, and softer, longer touchpoints are all included in the new Swedish design.

Foreo Luna Mini 4

The Foreo Luna Mini 4 small removes pollutants entrapped deep inside pores with T-SonicTM pulsations and velvety-soft silicone touchpoints. Foreo Luna Mini 4 is 35 times more sanitary than brushes made of nylon bristles and has been clinically shown to remove 99% of debris, oil, and makeup residue.

Luna 3

The best supplement to your cleaning ritual is Luna 3. With 16 various intensities of enhanced T-Sonic TM pulsations, Luna 3 removes grime, oil, and makeup residue in only one minute. The Luna 3 is the ideal approach to achieve the youthful glow you’ve always desired thanks to an upgraded design that delivers the best result.

Luna Mini 2

The Luna Mini 2 is an improved version of the T-Sonic face brush with eight intensity settings for completely personalized cleaning. In the Luna Mini 2, all skin types benefit from the revised 3-zone face brush optimization. Luna Mini 2 is an innovative 3-zone sonic facial cleanser that responds to various parts of your face.

Luna Mini 3

Luna Mini 3 is the cleanest, easiest-to-transport face washing brush that gently removes unwanted skin cells 99.5% of oil and grime are removed from your skin using the Luna Mini 3. Luna Mini 3 is constructed of silicone, which is 35 times more sanitary than nylon bristles and very soft and bacteria-resistant.

Does Foreo Luna really function?

They not only perform the majority of the job for you, but they also wash and exfoliate far more thoroughly than a towel or your hands. They also tout a host of additional advantages, like bettering circulation and facilitating deeper penetration of your items.

What is the benefit of Foreo Luna?

It is created to operate in only one minute, providing the line’s most thorough clean while removing perspiration, oil, and debris to help stop further outbreaks. In comparison to the Luna 2, Foreo claims that the Luna 3 features softer and longer touch points.

Do you have a customized Foreo Luna?

Yes, since Yaeshii is Foreo Luna Suppliers and Manufacturers most of the time foreo luna manufacturer. We do custom foreo luna play wholesale. You may use this custom foreo luna play wholesale for your business or for personal use. Some claimed that they use the custom foreo luna play wholesale for gifts.


Is Foreo Luna recommended by dermatologists?

Yes, many dermatologists advise their patients to use Foreo Luna devices.


Can Foreo Luna stay in the shower?

Yes, Foreo Luna is totally waterproof thanks to its distinctive design, making it perfect for use in the shower or bathtub. Yaeshii as Foreo Luna Suppliers and Manufacturers or foreo luna manufacturer really made this Foreo Luna waterproof for best cleaning and best results.  Foreo luna manufacturer also created Foreo Luna that you can use during showers.


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