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Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturer

Highlights of Yaeshii Eyeshadow Palette

Yaeshii is a leading custom Private Label Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturer and Formula Development company based in Shenzhen, China. We have the experience, expertise, and quality processes to deliver the eyeshadow product you need, tailored to your exact specifications, whether you’re looking to develop a new eyeshadow product from scratch in our cosmetics formulation lab or have us manufacture your existing formula. Create your own Private Label Eyeshadow Palette and fall in love with the wide range of colors available to use in it. Get total control over the colors you want to use to give your eyes a fresh look. With wholesale eyeshadow palettes in a wide range of hues, you may express yourself and create your own cosmetic brand in a unique way. Yaeshii sells a Private Label Eyeshadow Palette in bulk and has experts in the development and production of high-quality eyeshadow items that will impress your consumers!

  • ODM OEM Eyeshadow Manufacturer
  • Custom Eyeshadow Palette with names
  • Fully customize the case of your Personalized Eyeshadow Palette
Highlights of Yaeshii Eyeshadow Palette

Yaeshii as Private Label Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturer

We, Yaeshii as a private label eyeshadow palette manufacturer, are always interested in forming a collaboration with you, whether you are a brand owner, a distributor, or a retail seller. We are always developing a new Custom private label eyeshadow palette with names formulas and textures for you, keeping in mind that your brand is unique and must meet the highest standards available. Yaeshii as a private label eyeshadow palette manufacturer can definitely help you out in terms of the creation of your very own custom eyeshadow palette with names. 

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What We Do

Private Label Eyeshadow Palette

  • We’re always coming up with new formulations and textures for your custom eyeshadow palette with names compare to other eyeshadow palette manufacturers, keeping in mind that your brand is one-of-a-kind and must meet the highest standards available.

Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturers

  • As a competitive private label eyeshadow company across all eyeshadow palette manufacturers, our large manufacturing capacity allows us to provide our customers, who range from high-end beauty brands to start-up developing businesses, competitive price and flexibility. We can customize eyeshadow and color schemes to suit your needs.

The Most Suitable Eyeshadow Packaging

  • A Private Label Eyeshadow Palette Manufacturer. Yaeshii, has a great sales team to coordinate with you to help you out with your budget but still produce quality products.  
powder eyeshadow
The simplest to combine in personalized eyeshadow is the Pressed Powder Eyeshadows. Pressed Eyeshadows, which come in every color imaginable, are pressed into little pans that may be purchased individually or as part of an eyeshadow palette.
liquid eyeshadow
When you want to put glitter or glittering eyeshadows on top of liquid eyeshadows to boost their staying power and brilliance. Liquid Eyeshadows are a great choice. Best selling for eyeshadow palette suppliers because of its affordable price.
loose glitter eyeshadow
If you want to go the extra mile and create dramatic and glam eye makeup looks, a custom Glitter Eyeshadow Palette is the way to go. They are finely milled eyeshadows that are highly pigmented.
cream eyeshadow
If you want to create a dramatic, editorial-style makeup look with no defined edges, Cream Eyeshadows are ideal. One of the best selling Chinese Eyeshadow.
matte shimmer metallic eyeshadow palette
Best Professional Eyeshadow Palette brands, These shimmering, mirror-like, molten-metal effect shadows surpass all other shimmer shadows and the like.
eyeshadow palette natural nude
China Eyeshadow Palette which is the ideal neutral eyeshadow palette, featuring colors for highlighting, contouring, smudging, and lining.
makeup palette
A Wholesale Makeup Palette or also known as Professional Makeup Palette. This make up palette is commonly used by makeup professionals.
highly pigmented eye makeup palette
A Chinese Eyeshadow Palette, sought-after professional palette with pressed powder shadows for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes, brows, and facial features.
Glitter Eyeshadow Palette
Private Label Glitter Eyeshadow Palette provides perfect coverage with a delicate shine to give your eyes a little sparkle. If you get a Wholesale Glitter Eyeshadow Palette, it comes at a reasonable price.

Top Selling Products (4)

  • professional makeup palette wholesale

    Makeup Palettes is ideal for special occasions or events. Professional makeup artists will appreciate the shimmery eyeshadow palette. Powder, makeup, cream makeup, and a shaded eyeshadow palette are included in the Professional Makeup Palettes Wholesale.

  • makeup palettes wholesale

    Beauty enthusiasts, such as runway models and make-up artists, would benefit from a Wholesale Eyeshadow Palette. Get a high-quality cosmetics palettes at wholesale prices with huge discounts. Wholesale Eyeshadow Palette vendors are enticed in this promo.

  • Wholesale glitter eyeshadow palette

    You can make your items look more appealing by using a high-quality Wholesale Glitter Eyeshadow Palette. These Wholesale Glitter Makeup Palettes are offered at attractive discounts.

  • Personalized Eyeshadow Palette

    Every shade in this customizable makeup palette is your personal fave! You have the freedom to design your own packaging and containers. Choose the most appropriate formula for your needs.

Featured Products (4)

  • Highly pigmented makeup palette

    A Perfect Eyeshadow Palette is a must-have for any beauty kit, whether your style is simple or brave. Because of the classic colors, it is simple for Eyeshadow Palette suppliers to create this.

  • Mini Makeup Palette

    An Eyeshadow Palette that we recommend if you love to travel. It has a cute size that would fit in your mini bag when traveling.  Source products from eyeshadow palette suppliers.

  • Neutral tone makeup palette

    A Private Label Eyeshadow Palette that you can use for your everyday makeup. You can get this at a very affordable price together with the Empty Eyeshadow Palette Wholesale.

  • China Eyeshadow Palette

    The China Eyeshadow Palette is the most popular Eyeshadow Palette among Chinese Eyeshadow fans. It comes in the exact shade that most Chinese ladies want to use. This comes with empty eyeshadow palette wholesale.

How To Customize Your Private Label Eyeshadow Palette

empty eyeshadow palette
Empty Eyeshadow Palette
Pick the Empty Eyeshadow Palette Wholesale of your choice. We have the available designs that you can choose from but providing your own packaging design would be the best option.
formula development
Formula Development
Yaeshii also provides custom manufacturing services. You may create and produce your recipe with this service without having to worry about the liabilities and hazards that comes with the procedure.
filling and assembly
Filling and Assembly
Once you’re all good with the formula and packaging designs, our team will be the one to complete the remaining process of creating your Personalized Eyeshadow Palette.
product delivery
Product Delivery
You don't have to worry about picking up your Private Label Eyeshadow Palette from the eyeshadow factory after we've finished since we can send it right to your front door or whichever address you prefer.
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eyeshadow palette process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to run a Private Label Cosmetics Business?

Before we start creating your Private Label Eyeshadow Palette we will give you the price list of the materials such as the containers, the packaging, and the labor cost which is depending on the MOQ or the Minimum Order Quantity.

When an order is placed, how long does it take to manufacture it?

It usually takes 3-7 business days but it will depend upon the availability of the formula that you will select.

What is the procedure for placing an order?

You can utilize the “Send Your Inquiry” box located at the bottom of this page. Once done, our team will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to acquire a sample formula before placing an order?

Yes, that is not an issue for us. Nonetheless, there is a sample cost if you will choose to deliver the samples to you. But it’s free if you go directly to the eyeshadow factory.

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