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Get to see our makeup pouch collection that fit to your style.

Makeup pouch manufacturers, Different sizes of cosmetic pouch are suitable for different needs all of the product.

makeup pouch wholesale

Makeup pouch wholesale, The smooth zippers closure which can easy to access and ensures your belongings are secured.

Customized makeup pouch, The design of the retractable makeup pouch bag can hold more brushes, makeup and other necessities.

Cosmetic pouch wholesale, Three ways to carry: carry it by hand, store it in a luggage, store it in a tote bag.

Make up pouches wholesale, Very suitable for storage of cosmetics. It is durable, waterproof, dirt-resistant and scratch resistant. 

Personalized pouch lightweight, Coupled with the advanced and smooth metal double zipper design.

Choose Yaeshii We Built Makeup Pouch That Is Fit To Your Style

Have any pouches ever gone missing while being transported?

We have never experienced any bag loss in transit. We have a highly reliable logistic team. We receive constant tracking updates of the shipment.

Which countries can you deliver to?

We have a global target audience. We can deliver anywhere in the world.

What product sizes do you offer?

We offer different types of luggage in different sizes. Based o your needs , you can customize the size of your ordered products. When placing your order let us know the size of your product you want and we will make it happen.

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