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Whether you’re new to lash extensions or a seasoned pro, one thing is certain: fake lashes have the capacity to transform your appearance in a matter of minutes. From brow-grazing strips for the drama to easy-to-maneuver, short-cut parts for natural fullness that mascara can’t match, there’s something for everyone.

We sell numerous varieties of strip lashes, lash boxes, fake eyelashes wholesale and lash supplements as private label false eyelashes suppliers. Real Mink Lashes, Faux Mink Lashes, Professional False Eyelashes, China fake Eyelashes, Custom false eyelashes wholesale, and Magnetic Eyelashes are all included in this false eyelashes wholesale. We provide a variety of high-quality lash boxes with minimal minimum order quantities on which to print your brand. Also included are lash glue and lash eyeliners.


Top Private Label False Eyelashes Manufacturers and False Eyelashes Suppliers in China


On the beauty and cosmetics scene, having a full set of thick and private label fake eyelashes is all the rage, and mascara is by no means the only option to get the desired effect. Custom false eyelashes wholesale (sometimes known as “falsies”) have been popular since the turn of the century and have exploded in popularity in recent years.

If you operate a cosmetics company that sells a variety of eye makeup items, you’ll want to make sure that professional false eyelashes are included in your product line. To do so, you’ll need to discover a top private label fake eyelashes suppliers and false eyelashes manufacturers that can provide you with the greatest falsies available.

Yaeshii is one of the top false eyelashes manufacturers and false eyelashes suppliers offer a variety of fake eyelashes wholesale that will make your private label fake eyelashes business at the top.


Professional False Eyelashes

A semi-permanent lash enhancement technique that employs synthetic or natural fibers to lengthen, curl, or volumize your natural lashes.

Custom False Eyelashes

One of the China fake eyelashes that highly customizable depending on the products that you want to apply:either synthetic or faux mink.

Chinese Fake Eyelashes

These Chinese fake eyelashes set of fake eyelashes is composed of high-quality material that is lightweight, compact, and easy to transport.

Fake Eyelashes Wholesale

Fake eyelashes wholesale where you can have the three best-selling lashes: Chinese fake eyelashes, custom & professional lashes. Fully customizable lashes.

Mink False Eyelashes

Natural or artificial mink lashes are available, and while some salons utilize natural mink hairs, the extensions are more costly and not cruelty-free.

Faux Mink Lashes (1)

A man-made imitation of real mink that has a comparable lightness. People with allergies or ethical objections to fur, faux mink is a better option.

China False Eyelashes Set

Chinese false eyelashes set with best lash glue that won’t easily take your China fake eyelashes off your eyes. Best selling lashes set of Yaeshii.

Silk False Eyelashes

One of the most popular varieties of Chinese false eyelashes is silk lashes. They’re constructed of a synthetic material that’s quite light and flexible.

Fur Fake Eyelashes

Made entirely of mink fur and free of animal testing. Installation is simple, hypoallergenic, and does not affect your eyes. Vivid, lustrous, and long-lasting.

Can I customize the Chinese false eyelashes?

Yes, Chinese false eyelashes are also fully customizable lashes. You can choose whatever product you want to add to these china false eyelashes.

Where do china false eyelashes come from?

Our lashes are created with sterilized human hair or high-quality, cruelty-free synthetic hair.

How to remove the fake eyelashes?

The procedure for removing the lashes is straightforward and painless. You may gently take the lash off from the outside corner to the inner corner of your eye if you put it with very little adhesive. Do not pull too hard on the lash. If you can’t gently take the eyelash out, immerse a cotton swab in a non-oil-based makeup remover or glue remover and gently massage the lash line. Apply the remover to both eyes and wait 30 seconds for the adhesive to melt. You should be able to gently tug on the fake eyelash to remove it if the remover was applied properly. Make sure you get the artificial eyelash as near to your eye as possible.

How many times can I use your custom false eyelashes?

Yaeshii sells handcrafted lashes that last an average of 6 to 8 times. To get the most out of your lashes, make sure you remove them properly and store them in their original packaging.

Can I still apply mascara while wearing false eyelashes?

Yes, mascara may be applied on artificial lashes to give them a more dramatic appearance. Using mascara, on the other hand, lowers the amount of times you may reuse your lashes.

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