Sanitizer Bottles
Sanitizer Bottles

Yaeshii as Sanitizer Bottle Manufacturer


If there’s one thing the previous two years have taught us, it’s the significance of keeping our hands clean. Before leaving the house, our brains are also wired to collect our wallets, phones, and keys, as well as our bottle of hand sanitizer. When soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizers may eliminate up to 99 percent of germs and bacteria, making them a great alternative. They come in the pocket- and travel-friendly sizes so we can keep safe no matter where we are. Based on their formulas, chemicals, and sizes, we selected five of the finest hand sanitizers. Always carry one in your pocket.


Here at Yaeshii, we serve as a cosmetic packaging supplier. We manufactured shampoo bottles, and makeup packaging, including sanitizer bottles. We are not just cosmetic makeup manufacturer but also a sanitizer bottle manufacturer. Yaeshii offers Hand Sanitizer Bottles wholesale, hand sanitizer MOQ, and mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk.


The Creation Process for Hand Sanitizer Bottles


Although every hand sanitizer packaging serves the same purpose, the packaging might differ based on your needs and preferences. An image of the desired finished product is used to start the plastic packaging process. The picture is then turned into a CAD file, which is subsequently adjusted as needed before being translated into a 3D model. This procedure guarantees that all stakeholders are completely pleased with the package design before manufacturing begins, limiting the chance of costly and time-consuming changes afterward.


In terms of the Hand Sanitizer Bottles wholesale labeling and packaging process, some forms of packaging, such as spray or squeezable bottles, are especially well suited for usage as hand sanitizer bottles. It’s crucial to consider stiffness and alcohol resistance while selecting a material for these bottles. While most polymers can withstand some damage or deterioration when exposed to alcohol, hand sanitizer in squeezable bottles need flexibility. LDPE is appropriate for these packaging materials.


Hand Sanitizer



Boston Round Bottles (1)

A hand sanitizer bottles wholesale with a narrow curving shoulder and has a cylindrical form. Boston Round bottles are composed of Type III glass and are sturdy and thick. These are available in clear, as well as an amber, blue, and green.

Foam Pump Bottle

You can dispense foam right from the bottle onto your hand with the Foam Pump bottles! The plastic foamer pumps produce high-quality foam without the use of gas propellants and allow for the exact mixing of liquid and air.

China Cylinder Bottles

A mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk perfect for your hand sanitizer business. Transparent, solid, frosted, pearlescent, and more effects are available on all of our China Cylinder Bottles bottles as well as customized labeling of bottles.

Flip top cap

Available in hand sanitizer bottles wholesale. The flip-top cap’s capacity to keep contents dry makes it a popular option among most consumers. The seal is essential to prevent hand sanitizer from evaporating.

Fingertip Sprayers

Fingertip sprayers are a great way to distribute thin liquids with low viscosity. The pump in the fingertip sprayer is operated by the finger push, and the tube takes fluid from the reservoir and dispenses it out the nozzle.

Snap-Top caps bottles are a form of dispensing cap that allows the user to dispense goods without unscrewing the cap by pressing the container. One of the mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk.

Can we get your free samples?

You certainly can. Yaeshii as a sanitizer bottle manufacturer provides samples to clients who place an order.

Can we put many sizes of products in one container for my first order?

You certainly can. However, each ordered item’s quantity must meet our MOQ.

How do you ship products?

We will assist you in selecting the most appropriate delivery method based on your specific needs. Whether it’s air, sea, or land.

How do you maintain the quality of hand sanitizer bottles wholesale and mini hand sanitizer bottles in bulk?

We will manufacture samples before moving forward with mass production, and after the samples have been accepted, we will move on with mass production. Performing a complete inspection throughout manufacturing; then performing a random inspection before packaging, and photographing the finished product.

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