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ABS Eight-claw Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush for natural hair, exfoliating your Scalp for beautiful.make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Detangler Wet Hollow Grid Hair Brush

Made of high-quality PP material,environmentally friendly, anti-defamation, comb hair. Keep hair clean and smooth to avoid pulling or tangling.

Waterproof ABS Detangling Hair Brush

The hollow design on the back can effectively dissipate heat, the comb can massage the scalp, suitable for wet and dry use, easy to clean and recyclable.

Electroplated Wave Detangle Hair Brush

Surface uses the electroplating process,Detangle Brush can be customized wholesale, effectively promote the blood circulation of the head

Egg Detangle Hair Brush

Custom detangling brush delicate oval appearance, easy to carry, round high and low comb design, anti-static, anti-hair loss, easy to comb knotted hair.

Bristle Detangling Hair Brush

Elastic comb teeth, professional testing, large dyeing head and fine needles have a good massage effect, can be used in both wet and dry, prevent hair knots and hair loss.

Plastic Diamond Egg Detangling Hair Brush

Diamond-shaped surface, integral egg-shaped plastic Detangling Hair brush, tangle-free easy wholesale detangling brush. Get the best deals.

Kids Pocket Detangling Hair Brush

Portable and easy to store,Small Wet Detangling Hair Brush For Baby Kids Pocket hair brush Pro, for Curly Hair, Wet Dry Hair Tangle Brush.

Plastic Massgae Detangling Hair Brush

Variety of color options, wholesale customization, whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, thick or thin,Detangling Hair Brush remove knots and make hair soft.

Yaeshii Professional, Latest Designs for Detangling Hair Brush

Round hair brush makes your curls shinier and smoother for a silky look, Long, flexible nylon pins ensure your brush goes through your hair easily, Create the Luxurious Curls of Your Dreams.

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