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Professional Wooden Hair Brush China

We are a professional wooden hairbrush manufacturer ,we commited to wholesale wooden hairbrush, we choose pure natural materials to help you take care of your hair easily and keep your hair shiny


This Product Uses No Endangered Wood A well-made hairbrush can last for years.

Wooden hair brush paddle

Hairbrushes with natural wood have been preferred for centuries.


Wooden hair brush china made a natural Wood Hair Brush For All Hair Types.


We use natural soft goat bristles bamboo beech wood and pear wood,Handmade with love and perfectly safe for newborns toddlers and kids.


The wooden hair brush manufacturers made a boar bristle and nylon pins, it can make hair smooth and add shine, easily penetrating through normal and thick hair.


Use 100% Natural boar bristle bamboo hairbrush to keep your hair smooth. Available for wooden hair brush wholesale. Prevents cradle cap.

wooden hair brush with bristle

The flat hairbrush, made of beech wood and boar bristles will be your best ally to brush your hair comfortably.

wooden hair brush with bristle

Natural Wood Bristle Hair Brush, Gentle Massage, Pear Wood Handle,For All Hair Types. Wholesale wooden hair brush.

wooden hair brush with bristle

Stimulate the nerves of the scalp can improve the quantity of hair that tends to be dry loosentangled hair easily.

Wooden Hair Brush Wholesale

We have 42 years of beauty experience, we are committed to producing professional and safe hairbrushes, we have helped many companies build brands and become local beauty leaders.

We provide a variety of wooden hairbrushes and combs, which are made of pure natural bamboo and wood. After many processes, polishing, and assembly, we try our best to present the best effect and hair experience, and bring customers the best Feel, we support the customization of all bamboo and wood materials.

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