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The private label body brush’s synthetic bristles are meant to smooth and exfoliate for soft, radiant skin. Brush lightly using long, upward strokes before getting in the shower. Starting with your legs, go up to your midsection, then your arms, constantly brushing upward. Yaeshii, one of the body brush suppliers and body brush manufacturers, has a variety of body brushes that you can choose from: private label body brush, china body brush and wholesale body brush.


Our densely packed private label body brush may be used to clean and massage when bathing or showering or exfoliate even those hard-to-reach regions.

  • Goes beyond the surface.
  • It can detoxify and stimulate blood flow.
  • In the body, break up fat deposits.
  • Excellent for dry or wet brushing.


Dry Brush (1)

This brush offers what we consider to be the best bristle texture, and is high-quality, but reasonably priced. The natural bristles tips are gentle to the touch but harder below, and will not cause skin to itch.

Soft Body Brush

It’s a great option in particular for people with delicate or easily irritated skin. These brushes’ bristles are especially delicate and soft, unlike many others that can be excessively harsh. Part of wholesale body brush option.

China Body Brush

This China Body Brush is one of the best-selling body brushes in the body brush factory. One of the brushes that you can include on your wholesale body brush set. These brushes’ bristles are especially delicate and soft.


This brush, which uses sustainably sourced jute fibers instead of natural bristles, is perfect for anybody looking for a vegan substitute. Its unusual U-form, which has fibers on both sides, is another characteristic we enjoy.

Eco-Friendly Body Brush

Profit from all the advantages of dry brushing without spending a fortune. A fantastic eco-friendly option, the palm-sized, hand-held brush contains synthetic bristles mounted on a sustainable bamboo base.

Natural Bristle Dry Brush

This brush has bristles produced from the leaves of sisal, an agave-like plant, making it another excellent option for individuals who wish to avoid using animal-derived bristles. Multiple stocks at body brush factory.

Dry Brushing Set

The former features wild boar bristles and a handle that may be removed if you’d rather hold it in your hand. The face brush’s considerably softer bristles are perfect for use on your face’s more sensitive skin.

Facial Dry Brush

The main precaution in this situation is to make sure you use a brush with extremely soft bristles to avoid tearing or irritating the more sensitive skin on your face. Use it on dry skin, cleanse, then follow with a moisturizer.

Dual-Sided Body Brush

On both dry and moist skin, its natural boar bristles are effective, and the brush also has rubber massaging nubs on the opposite side. Use a little body oil and the side of the shower to ease sore muscles in your legs or back.

Why are natural bristles preferable than synthetic ones?

In body brush factory, Yaeshii, your body brush manufacturers and body brush suppliers prefers the natural ones. Pure plant fibers include minute hooks and flaws that collect dead skin as they are swept over the body, giving the skin a radiant appearance. Conversely, smooth materials like nylon, synthetic bristles, or gloves do not provide the same exfoliating or health advantages.

How frequently should the brush be cleaned?

It’s crucial to clean your dry skin brush frequently since during dry brushing, a lot of dead skin cells shed off and become trapped in the bristles. In order to kill bacteria, spray the bristles of each dry brush after use with either our Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol or Calming Lavender Mist. Then, hang the brush in a space with good airflow. Once a week, wash in hot, soapy water using Tea Tree Oil Detergent or another natural anti-bacterial soap, and then dry the brush with the bristles facing down in the sun or a well-ventilated place.

Why is it advisable to use brush on dry skin?

On dry skin, brushing with dry plant bristles produces the best skin exfoliation effects and also stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The bristles won’t exfoliate or stimulate the skin in the same manner if they are moist since they will be too soft and scratchy.

How often should I use the private label body brush?

The ideal time to brush is right before a shower or bath, once each day. No matter what time of day it is, as long as it works with your schedule. The best way to exfoliate your body is to do it while breathing deeply and in an open area with fresh air. I advise against dry brushing recently waxed or shaved skin as this might be overly unpleasant. If you have a hard dry body brush, wait a day or two before starting dry brushing again.

Does China Body Brush make my skin glow?

Yes, regularly brushing your body will make your skin glow since it helps the body do a variety of tasks, including:

  • Scrubs away dry, flaky skin, allowing moisturizers to quickly penetrate the skin.
  • Helps to stimulate perspiration and oil glands, which helps to restore moist, supple skin.
  • Assist with improved skin tone to strengthen the skin pores.
  • Gently stroking connective tissues encourages the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Relieves vein and lymph congestion to lessen cellulite or the appearance of an orange peel.
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