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Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers applied to your natural lashes to make them seem longer, thicker, and darker. Individual or wholesale eyelash extensions are put with a semi-permanent adhesive to each of your natural eyelashes (one extension per natural eyelash). Lash extensions can be composed of synthetic, mink, fake mink, or silk strands, however, the substance differs from studio to studio. You may personalize your private label eyelash extensions by choosing from a choice of extension lengths, curl patterns, and tints at most workshops.


We are a one-stop-shop for your private label eyelash extensions


Our large range of individualized china eyelash extensions and equipment are made to deliver the best items for your business, with a focus on market attractiveness and long-term use.

If you’re looking for eyelash extension supplies wholesale and eyelash extensions suppliers for all your custom eyelash extensions needs, you’ve come to the correct land page. Here at Yaeshii, we allow you to save money on the eyelash extension supplies wholesale and inventory you need to service your clients while saving money in the process.

If you’re looking for these high-quality eyelash extensions manufacturers and eyelash extensions suppliers, we got you covered! We all work to provide the best Professional Eyelash Extensions Supplies. We, as one of the eyelash extensions manufacturers and eyelash extensions products suppliers, provide high-quality eyelash extension supplies wholesale, bulk eyelash extensions, and custom eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension

Why choose Yaeshii as your Eyelash Extensions Suppliers?

Yaeshii is a manufacturer and provider of eyelash extension supplies wholesale. Here are the things that you might need to know to consider Yaeshii as your eyelash extensions products suppliers:

  • We have a credible website – Our website is user-friendly. When you want to buy something, you want it to be simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated. Because you’ll be visiting this website frequently, the easier it is to find what you’re searching for, the less worry and time you’ll waste.
  • We offer the quality products that you need – Yaeshii as one of the eyelash extensions products suppliers provides the high-quality professional eyelash extensions supplies for your custom and wholesale eyelash extensions
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Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions
The doll eye eyelash extensions are lengthy, with a focus on the center of the eyes, making your eyes appear bigger, wider and more open.
Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions
This creates an illusion outer eye corner has longer lashes. Cat eyelash extensions can give the impression of a wider, broader set of eyes.
Classic Eyelash Extensions
It can be a bit longer on the outside corner of your eyes, but its key feature is that it will be done with the curvature of your eyeliner in mind.
Staggered Eyelash
This lash set is a combination of long and short lashes that will give you a lot of volumes. This is a perfect set for your bulk eyelash extensions
Highlighted Eyelash
If you would prefer a dramatic look, this highlighted eyelash extension is the perfect setting for your custom eyelash extensions.
China Eyelash
This China Eyelash Extensions If you have rounded or very long eyes, this is not recommended since it will make your eyes appear even longer.
Professional Eyelash
One of the Chinese eyelash extensions personally being picked by professionals because of its premium quality
Magnetic Eyelash
Magnetic eyelashes are superior to ordinary fake eyelashes in that they do not require the application of adhesive around the eye area.
Human Hair
High-Quality Eyelash Extensions was made of premium materials which is the natural human air.

Wholesale Eyelash Extensions (3)

Private Label Eyelash Extensions (4)

Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Prepare your supplies
Use the cosmetic scissors to trim each of the eyelash strips.
Apply your lash glue
Don't just smear it on your eyelid and forget about it. You must wait for the glue to dry a little
Look down into a mirror
Instead of looking straight ahead, look down into a mirror.
Go ahead and enjoy how beautiful your lashes are.
With your freshly installed sumptuous eyeball visors, you're ready to face the world.

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Eyelash Extensions

Are materials environmentally friendly?

Yes! Mostly, Eyelash extensions products suppliers provided the materials used to make eyelash extensions are silk, mink, synthetic and faux mink

How long do Chinese eyelash extensions lasts?

Roughly 24 hours depending on the application of lash glue

Do eyelash extensions damage the natural lashes?

No way – as long as they’re used correctly! Make sure to apply minimal amount of lash glue to avoid eye contact

Is the application process painful?

No. So long as you follow the step by step process on how to apply and where to apply it.

How can I know if a container or closure will work with my product?

There will be a scheduled product testing in cosmetic packaging factory for your products.

Can I shower while wearing eyelash extension?

We highly suggest for you to remove it as these are all temporary lashes

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