High-end Beard Brush

High-end Beard Brush

A necessary helper for daily shaving.


Soft nylon bristles with smooth top balls relax your scalp without hurting. Air hole design be quick in drying wet hair and conducting heat. ABS material good toughness anti scratch moisture proof low smell matte finish.


Ergonomically designed handles provide the stylist with a comfortable grip. The wet brush can be used on wet or dry hair and works on extensions and wigs. Perfect for men women and kids with all hair types.


Comb imitation mosquito-repellent incense around shape and rubber spray painting technology when the comb is used the comb body has elasticity tightly adhere to the scalp and the round comb will message the scalp.


Beard brush manufacturers it has everything you need to pamper yourself in the luscious scent of nature and leave your skin feeling refreshed and pleasant.


China beard brush it has exquisite quality material on each part. Custom beard brush wholesale varied styles to enlarge your market.


Personalized beard brush is safe and healthy we accept your own logo on the products and packages. Full range of wood private label. Strong and elegant.


Private label beard brush is suitable for home and journey, can give you a superb shaving experience.


Custom beard brush is convenient to hold, hair is quick-drying and not easy to fall out. Selection for the very best.


Beard brush factory produced this natural wood handle comfortable bristle hair a necessary helper for daily personal shaving.

The Best Premium Quality China Beard Hair Brush

We are committed to wholesale beard brush we support custom paddle brushes we have already helped many companies build brands. As long as you have needs please let me know we will help you customize the personalized paddle brush.

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