Lipstick Set

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We Service A Broad Range Of Clients From Startups Through To Full Ranges For Matte Lipstick Manufacturer.
China lipstick set choose different colors for the occasion and show different styles. 
High color saturation, no dry and non-sticky, long-lasting and non-fading.
Easily and accurately depict the beautiful lips, small body, bursting out of the lip.

Top Suppliers Of Wholesale Lipstick Set.


Can I place my order and want to add more items?

Adding items to your order isn’t a problem, if you purchased products without a logo then the addition is very simple.

What is the cost for custom labels for Special FX Palettes?

Our alcohol palettes come with 2 labels. One top paper label and one bottom adhesive label. There are minimums for creating a custom top and bottom label.


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