custom hair brush manufacturers
Custom Hair Brush Manufacturers

Custom Hair Brush

Yaeshii Custom Hair Brush Manufacturers Focus With Eco-Friendly Brush.

Gradient customization

Yaeshii custom hair brush manufacturing company integrated atomization, showing a smooth texture with gradual changes in the surface according to the different spraying time.

Paint customization

China custom hair brush made a single-color spray paint color customization, high-pressure uniform spray paint, to create a high-level simple and elegant appearance. Best quality products.

Pattern customization

Private label hair brush manufacturer designed 3D high-precision water transfer printing, which fits the comb itself, is not easy to fall off, and supports a variety of complex color patterns.

bronzing logo

Private label hair tools have a unique metallic luster and strong visual effect, which makes the Logo on products look luxurious and support customized hair brushes and comb for any material.

embossed logo

Custom hair brush suppliers made an eco-friendly logo technology, without complicated processes, and is quick and convenient to make, and is non-toxic and harmless to help your hair perfectly.


Engraved Logo: it belongs to Laser logo engraving adopts intelligent integrated engraving process, efficient production, precise engraving, and retains the shape and style of the original logo.

Cloth packing

Cloth Bag Packing: Natural cotton and linen material, environmentally friendly and safe, recyclable, support custom logo. Your best customized hair brushes.

Paper Card Packing

Paper Card Packing: Natural paper material, environmentally friendly, safe and easy to degrade, can be displayed on the shelf, support custom logo

PVC Packing

PVC Box Packing: Transparent packaging, protect the product, can be displayed on the shelf, custom hair brush manufacturing company supports custom logo.

Custom Hair Brush Manufacturers for Products

Yaeshii supports the customization of the color, logo and pattern of the customized products, through the pre-production sample testing and adjustment before mass production, and then mass production after the last confirmation.

Private Label Hair Brush Manufacturer for Packing

Yaeshii supports the material selection, pattern and color matching and exclusive private design style of the customized packaging, and passes the prenatal sample testing and adjustment before mass production, and then mass production after the last confirmation.

Custom Hair Brush Manufacturing Company for One-stop Service

Maybe you think we just produce and sell goods even provide custom gift box service.
But providing a one-stop service for our customers is what the best partner should be.
Keeping a precautionary measure for transportation at all times will make everything smoother.

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