Perfect Guide for your Private Label Lashes

Yaeshii is one of China’s leading lashes suppliers and lashes manufacturer, manufacturing a wide range of high-quality strip private label lashes in its own facility. Yaeshii supplies are the best selling to wholesale lashes vendors. 

Your Custom Lashes Wholesale and Individual Lashes wholesale appearances are enhanced with private labeling and high-quality packaging. These services are available here at Yaeshii.

You can either choose one of our pre-made designs or create your own. We have professional lashes that are fully customizable. Best selling to wholesale lashes vendors. We tailor the length, color, curl, and thickness of your lashes to your preferences.

We accept wholesale lashes vendors and lashes suppliers labels that are branded. We can also help you with label creation and design.

For shipment, you can offer your own pre-printed boxes with the UPC numbers for your custom lashes. You can also select the container size, load, and pallet size that they want. Standard packaging is also available.

Best selling Private Label Magnetic Lashes

Private Label Magnetic Lashes come in two varieties from magnetic lashes manufacturer: two magnetic strips that connect to each other and one magnetic strip that connects to magnetic eyeliner.

Eyeliner with Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes wholesale come with a magnetic eyeliner, for starters. Their band is strengthened with little magnets, so after you apply the magnetic eyeliner, the band will adhere to it in seconds without glue.

They’re the newest alternative on the market or in magnetic lashes manufacturer, but because they’re so simple to use, they’re also the superior pick. The eyeliner alone can be a little gloopy, but if you put it over a conventional eyeliner, it typically works great. You can also avail of this as magnetic lashes wholesale.

Magnetic Lashes Sandwich

The second type of magnetic lashes wholesale needs some finagling and “sandwiching,” thus the name. Magnetic lashes manufacturer made up of two sets of lashes, one for the top and one for the bottom, both with magnets along the base.

The top lashes go along the lash line’s upper portion, whereas the bottom lashes run beneath the top lashes. The magnets in the two lash strips keep them in place by grabbing onto each other via the lashes.

It can be tough to learn how to utilize them, and some beauty enthusiasts may never get the hang of it. Those that succeed in making them function, on the other hand, frequently fall in love with them.


Custom Eyelashes (1)

Yaeshii as one of the China-based lashes manufacturer offers Custom Lashes Wholesale for your lash business. Known as lashes suppliers as well.

Individual Lashes

Our Individual Lashes wholesale are made with semi-permanent fibers that come in individual lashes. Perfect for long-lasting wear. Durable because of premium materials used.

Magnetic Lashes

The magnetic band on our private label magnetic lashes adheres to the eyelashes and gives you the look you want. One of the professional lashes.

Faux Mink Eyelashes

Our fake mink lashes are constructed of a synthetic professional lashes substance that is developed to resemble the features of real mink lashes.

China Lashes

Our China Lashes are fully customizable depending on your needs. Most of the time Chinese lashes are made from materials like stainless steel and mink.

Eyelash Extensions

We have excellent Eyelash Extensions that will add volume to your natural lashes and give you a fuller appearance. Made of highest quality raw material.

What materials do you use for Chine Lashes or Chinese Lashes?

Chinese lashes or China Lashes we are using synthetic raw materials and human hair for a natural look. It has delicate wispiness and a gentle lengthening effect, amazing lashes for a low-key, laid-back appearance.

What is the MOQ for private label lashes?

Yaeshii as lashes manufacturer MOQ for private label lashes is less than 50 pairs. For more info, please contact us

How many days it will take for you to deliver the private label lashes?

Since these are custom lashes, it will take 3-5 days while for the other fake eyelashes we have at the eyelashes factory, it will take 1-2 days.

Do you provide free samples?

Yes, we provide free samples for you to further check the product quality.

What lashes wholesale do you offer?

We have Magnetic lashes wholesale, Custom Lashes Wholesale and Individual Lashes wholesale.  The Indulge set from the brand is the perfect illustration of this, as it has glamorously long strands that don’t clog up your lids.

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