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A premier item in our lip products. With the highest quality raw materials and the latest technologies. We provide premium quality, long-lasting beauty of textures. With an endless range of colors and the packaging with your favorite looks and shapes, we got you covered.

  • Long-lasting
  • Doesn’t bleed
  • Opaque
  • Creamy
  • Hydrating

Expect More From Yaeshii Private Label Lipstick

Girls expect more from their custom lipstick, more color, more moisturizing effects, long-wear, cleaner formulas that are cruelty-free, and paraben-free. Even freelancers launching their Indie brands hope to bring more to their clientele. And we get it! You want to create your personalized lipstick, but not just with any product from our yaeshii who is a Chinese lipstick manufacturers .You want a private label lipstick that represents you as well. Yaeshii as a Chinese lipstick brands competitive with wholesale lipstick price , private label lipstick no minimum,lipstick wholesale online, vegan lipstick supply ,fast delivery time to attractived beauty artist . Yaeshii Group cosmetics has been the leading best lipstick manufacturers over 42 years.

Yaeshii Lipstick Series

Natural Lipstick

Organic and natural ingredients. Using natural ingredients from matte liquid lipstick manufacturers. The formula of personalized lipstick from matte lipstick manufacturer is light and airy.

Waterproof Liquid Lipstick

Yaeshii liquid lipstick manufacturer made a lightweight, moisturizing liquid lipstick. The pigment-loaded shades from gone greige and fiery fuchsia to dynamite red and midnight blue.

5 Colors Lipstick Set

High color saturation, no dry and non-sticky, long-lasting and non-fading. The 5 Colors Lipstick Set offer a long-lasting formula with a pure matte finish, silky smooth texture and has anti-pigmentation.

26 Colors Lipstick Palette

Created the ultimate 26 palettes of velvety mattes made from a custom lipstick palette. You may make your own lip palette whether sparkly or matte lip palettes.

Smudge Glitter Lipstick

Everything you need to create the perfect sparkly lips. Glitter Lip Gloss Bond, Cosmetic grade glitter, and applicator brush are all included by glitter lipstick manufacturers.

China Lipstick Set

China Lipstick set that you can purchase as a wholesale lipstick set. It is a traditional Chinese lipstick that you can resell to lipstick vendors or lipstick suppliers.

Private Label Lipstick (3)

Yaeshii Lipstick Factory Advantage

Yaeshii company can satisfy your custom design needs.

  • Greatly reduced mixing times
  • Improved consistency and product texture.
  • Some stages of production can be eliminated.
  • The reduced particle size and more uniform premix produced can dramatically reduce the time taken at the milling stage.

Private Label Moisturizing lipstick

Yaeshii company can undertake OEM, ODM, and OBM orders for various cosmetic products: Custom Lipstick as highly Pigmented Colors like fashion Hue, Shy girl, Creme Cup, Sunny Soul, Coral Bliss, Lady Danger, Ruby Woo, etc. Emollients include softening and moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, oils such as macadamia oil, or shea butter; As Chinese lipstick without parabens or lead Non-toxic, Organic, Clean, Chemical-free, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, etc.

Choose Yaeshii Private Label Line


Formulas and packaging goods are very important for a new brand lipstick supplier. Trying samples will help you decide which one is the best selection.


Select colors from our high-quality eyeshadows and pick the right palettes for your makeup brand. We can discuss the color scheme.


Our design team will work together with you to finalize your bespoke design for your packaging in China lipstick. Prototyping is optional to choose from.


After confirming the design, we will take the remaining role, to finish the production and delivery. Good quality control is promised.


Innovative & Quality.

Lipstick Manufacturers

Could I print my own brand/logo on the goods on lipstick manufacturer near me?

Yes, OEM/printing logo is welcomed based on MOQ. Please show brand licensing and provide original logo design files.

What’s the MOQ if I want to print my own brand/logo?

The MOQ will be decided by your customized products.

Can I make sample based on my demand?

Certainly, we have a professional engineer to make proof before ordering OEM mass products.

How to contact you?

Certainly, Please send your inquiry with your contact. Yaeshii staff will respond to you ASAP. Please input your needs in the text area.

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