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For both small and major businesses, Yaeshii offers private label eyebrow tweezer, wholesale eyebrow tweezer vendors, professional eyebrow tweezer, scissors, makeup tools, and eyelash extensions. Our team takes care of all the procedures required to develop your brand in the beauty industry, including packaging design, production, research, and graphic design. 

The 100% stainless steel Yaeshii tools are produced in Italy and come in a variety of hues and finishes. With minimal order minimums, we are pleased to customize your brand with bespoke colors and patterns.


Eyebrow Tweezer – Angled Silver

Any aesthetic toolkit would benefit from having this angled, functional tweezer. Excellent for applying individual eyelashes and simple tweezing of the brows. This private label eyebrow tweezer can be customized.

Eyebrow Tweezer - Point Tip Matte Black

May be used to remove even the smallest amounts of facial hair or the most difficult ingrown hairs. These tweezers feature incredibly accurate pointed tips that grasp every hair.

This wholesale eyebrow tweezer vendors is one of the best-selling products. Eyebrow tweezers in this set can be color customized and you can choose to available tweezers you want to add to your private label eyebrow tweezer.

Professional Eyebrow Tweezer

This professional eyebrow tweezer is one of the wholesale eyebrow tweezer vendors set. Best selling to beauticians because it has tweezers, cosmetic scissors, and a beauty blending brush.

Scissors Eyebrow Tweezer

These scissors have straight blades so you have complete control over the trimming process. With an ergonomic grip, you may use these scissors with either hand with ease and pleasure.

Eyebrow Tweezer - Slant Tip

These tweezers are not only of good quality, but they also come in your preferred color, allowing you to spice up your beauty regimen with some fun. Your assortment of beauty tools must include these tweezers.

LED Eyebrow Tweezer

Easily remove even the smallest stray hairs. This stainless steel tweezer’s LED light, which is situated directly between its two slanted flat tips to illuminate your path for precise plucking will catch your attention.

Precision Eyebrow Tweezer

It has small edges that may slip directly below hairs to catch them and a gently slanted tip that lays softly on the skin without straining or pinching. This eyebrow tweezer was developed to offer the utmost precision.

Eyebrow Tweezer with a brush

You may use the brush end to sweep brows upward to determine exactly where you need to tweeze since the slanted tip gathers hairs at their source and eliminates them from root to tip without causing breakage.

When will I receive my order?

For the classic eyebrow tweezer, it would take 1-2 days to deliver your product.
For private label eyebrow tweezer that needs to be customized, it would take 1-3 days.

Do you offer a discount?

We recommend the wholesale eyebrow tweezer vendors best-selling tweezers. It is a set of private label eyebrow tweezer perfect for your budget if you’re looking for a discounted price.


What are the inclusions for the private label eyebrow tweezer?

Our team takes care of all the procedures required to develop your brand in the beauty industry, including packaging design, production, research, and graphic design.

Is there a discount for professionals?

In support of the working makeup artist, we’ve created the Professional Eyebrow Tweezer set that can be bought with a very reasonable price.

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