Round hair brush
Round Hair Brush Manufacturer

Round Hair Brush Manufacturer

Provide High-Quality Customized Services.

Detangling Brush for Natural Hair, Exfoliating Your Scalp for Beautiful,restore hair luster, enhance hair texture, and make your hair smoother

Made of high-quality PP material,environmentally friendly, anti-defamation, comb hair. Keep hair clean and smooth to avoid pulling or tangling.

The hollow design on the back can effectively dissipate heat, the comb can massage the scalp, suitable for wet and dry use, easy to clean and recyclable.

Detangle Brush can be customized wholesale,  effectively promote the blood circulation of the head and make you feel comfortable and relaxed

Delicate oval appearance, easy to carry, round high and low comb design, anti-static, anti-hair loss, easy to comb knotted hair. Made from wholesale round hair brush manufacturers.

Cylindrical bristle material,diamond-shaped surface, integral egg-shaped plastic detangling Hair brush, tangle-free easy detangling brush.

Custom round hair brush elastic comb teeth, professional testing, large dyeing head, and fine needles have a good massage effect, can be used in both wet and dry.

portable and easy to store,Small wet Detangling hair brush for baby kids pocket hair brush Pro, for curly hair, wet dry hair tangle brush.


Variety of color options, wholesale customization, whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, thick or thin, remove knots and make hair soft.

Wholesale Round Hair Brush Manufacturer

Yaeshii is manufacture specializing in the production of high quality cosmetic tools, can customize for you with low MOQ, competitive price and best delivery time. All products are first-class materials, even packaged; each process is machine-cut and hand-polished, and strictly controlled by quality inspectors.

Your Best Round Hair Brush Supplier

Yaeshii factory has its own design team, which means various designs can be made according to your requirements. installation team is well trained. Especially the quality control team is very strict and professional. So we will provide you with the best quality service from all aspects. Please feel free to contact us. We will help you realize your ideas.

Safe Shopping

Choose your best hairbrush, the use of the hairbrush depends a lot on the hairstyle, the smooth and soft bristles will not damage the hair or scalp, even help your scalp exfoliate and rejuvenate, come and visit our products , we can choose a brush that suits you.

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