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Yaeshii's Dry Body Brush Products

Bamboo Dry Body Brush

Our skin brush has a natural bamboo handle and boar bristles that are tough but kind. The hand loop and circular form of the shower brush make it simple to grip even when wet. One of the dry body brush wholesale.

Lotus Wood Dry Body Brush

This strap-style portable brush for dry brushing is made of high-quality materials and is safe, secure, and healthy to use. Brushing dry skin increases blood circulation and assists in removing debris and dead skin. 

Boar Bristle Dry Body Brush

This brush is made of natural boar bristle, is excellent for thorough cleansing and massaging the skin. A natural technique to remove dead skin cells and clean the oil, debris, and residue from your pores. 

Beech Wood Dry Body Brush

The bristles are of the highest grade, 100% natural bristles, and the handle is made of smooth, polished wood. It has elastic, indestructible, humidity-resistant, and skin-friendly properties. One of the dry body brush wholesale.

Sponge Dry Body Brush

These are constructed of recyclable materials and are soft. To ensure firmness and longevity, a novel knotting technique is employed. They dry quickly and won’t readily come apart. One of the wholesale dry brush partners beech wood.

Facial Dry Body Brush

So elegantly refined and smooth. To exfoliate your face gently and improve the absorption of skincare products, use this dry body brush to sweep over your face. The bristles rounded peaks create a very light massage-like sensation.

Nylon Bristle Body Brush

This Nylon Bristle Dry Body Brush exfoliates away dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin by using rough nylon bristles to revitalize your skin and boost circulation. The skin is tightened and smoothed using the most popular dry brush.

Copper Dry Body Brush

One of the best products ever developed is this: Each brush is created by hand from sustainably collected beechwood, premium copper alloy, and ethically and naturally procured boar hair for the outer circle.

Complexion Dry Body Brush

This tiny, rounded-facial dry body brush has natural boar bristles and is somewhat more exfoliating while yet being soft enough for the face. You can buy it as one of the wholesale dry brush as one of you choice.


Which dry body brush would you suggest I use?

  • You can choose from our wholesale dry brush collection: Our Lotus Wood Dry Body Brush that are gentle and suited for skin that is fragile, sensitive, or older. You still experience a tingling sensation as they wash your skin and effortlessly remove dead skin. Alternatively, you could select to use the Nylon Bristle Body Brush on our bodies’ most delicate regions, like the neck or stomach, and the sisal body brush on the remainder of it, where the skin is less delicate.

What’s the inclusion of dry body brush wholesale?

  • We have the dry body brushes that fit your budget. One of the best-selling combinations for this dry body brush wholesale is Sponge Dry Body Brush together with the Lotus Wood Dry Body Brush and Facial Dry Brush.

Why do you need dry body brush wholesale?

  • Using a bristle brush and the dry brushing technique, dead skin cells are removed from the skin. This strengthens the immune system and aids the body in fending off infectious agents. Additionally, it makes the skin look brighter and smoother.
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