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Yaeshii is here to bring efficiency and quality travel makeup bag that everyone loves.

There ideal size of this personalized travel makeup bag lightweight (1.2 lbs.). Large makeup bag: 9″x7″x4.7″ (LxWxH), medium bag: 8″x3.3″x4.3″ (LxWxH), small bag: 7.4″x2.3″x4.7″ (LxWxH).

leather travel makeup bag

Classic and elegant makeup bag is crafted in durable, water-resistant, scratch-resistant PU leather and polyester lining. Soft fabric, sturdy zippers, nice lining, every detail is delicately made.

Large bag size 8.3″x5.5″x4.3″, Small bag size 6.5″x4.7″x3.1. Two packs weigh only 6 ounces, decent size without any  bulkiness. Both bags have one main compartment with 2 small pockets and 1 side mesh pocket.

Yaeshii Travel Makeup Bag Are Great For Storing Your Hot


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