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This wholesale cosmetic case comes with several adjustable EVA dividers, you can design internal compartments by adjusting dividers to fit different cosmetics.

This china cosmetic case is designed with multiple cosmetic brush slots, a TPU cover to protect makeup brushes, and no worry about the stain. Large compartment.

This custom cosmetic case has 2 zippered compartments, including the top compartment for cosmetic tools, a separate brush compartment.

With adjustable, removable dividers you can DIY the internal storage space. Scientific design of cosmetic brush bag, not afraid of the residual cosmetics on the brush, elastics straps.

Cosmetic case manufacturers organizer comes with a clear makeup pouch you can stuff your daily beauty essentials easily. A see-through design helps you see what is stored inside clearly.

Made of high quality and durable PU leather and polyester. Washable and waterproof. No need to worry about messy leaks when traveling. Big storage keep them tidy and orderly

This cosmetic wholesale cases case is lightweight and has a perfect size. Each is equipped with a handle for easy carrying. Perfect for make-up products, hair clips, and eye-shadow pallets.

Custom cosmetic case wholesale layout, can store a lot of cosmetics, brushes. Very suitable for storage of cosmetics when traveling.(The colors displayed under different luminosity will be different)

The cosmetic case supplier enhanced the lining partition, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of cosmetics. The design of the retractable cosmetic brush bag can hold more brushes.

How do I care for my cosmetic case?

Your custom cosmetic case is made of durable material that can easily be wiped clean with a soft cloth. For Oily Products: To clean the inside of the Makeup Pods for oily products, put a bit of 99% rubbing alcohol in the base and top of Pod, then sterilize with 70% alcohol.

Will my personalized cosmetic case hold enough product?

comfortably hold all you need for touch-ups during the day or short overnight trips.

Yaeshii china cosmetic case materials

Our goal is to create quality, sustainable, versatile, and stylish cases. We have chosen materials for our cases with the utmost care quality, health and recyclability. We want our customers to be proud of using a truly sustainable product.

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