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These sorta-gross lumps penalize you for being active, for going sockless, or possibly even for just wearing your favorite shoes, even if you have pedicures and take all the other measures to get fresh feet. They occupy space without paying rent, kind of like small-foot barnacles. If you’re looking into a foot callus remover, we feel you. 

Yaeshii, as one of the callus remover manufacturers, came up with the creation of Callus Remover Private Label so you can customize your professional callus remover depending on your business needs. Yaeshii is known for creating private label as one of the biggest manufacturers in China. Yaeshii has been focusing on beauty care and appliances and right now, we have come up with a callus remover private label. We have professionals who conducted research., trial and error to come up with the best callus remover for feet and dead foot skin remover. Whether it’s a foot callus treatment or an electric callus remover, we have all that available here. We have Professional callus remover, foot callus treatment, dead foot skin remover, callus remover for feet, foot callus remover and china callus remover. We have retail and wholesale callus remover that are best selling to customers and callus remover suppliers.

China Callus Remover

This China Callus Remover or also known as chinese callus remover can scrape off the thick dead skin and old calluses. Chinese callus remover with a unique style yet a powerful tool. This Chinese callus remover has two different grinding heads that you can use. Dead foot skin remover that helps remove calluses quickly.

Electric Foot Grinder

This callus remover for feet includes an ergonomic handle that is simple to grasp and removes tough skin, dead skin, bothersome calluses, and wrinkles. safer, more efficient, and simpler to use than metal scrapers or pumice stones. Suitable for all types of individuals. You may display your feet without feeling self-conscious.

Portable Callus Remover

When using this electric foot callus remover, you may achieve suction while grinding without worrying about dander flying into the air. It is splashproof and has a vacuum cleaning mechanism. The foot grinder has a sponge integrated into it that can capture 98% of dander. It also has a dust collection tank to avoid messy work.

Wholesale Callus Remover

This wholesale callus remover is the best selling to callus remover suppliers. You may choose from the featured products which callus remover items you would like to include in your wholesale callus remover. Professional callus remover such as electric foot grinders can be available as Wholesale Callus Remover. Avail in different colors.

Foot Rasp Foot File

The foot file set is made of durable stainless steel and is washable and reusable. The handle of the foot file rasp is composed of premium materials and has a non-slip frosted texture for improved grip. One of the budget-friendly products of callus remover manufacturers. This foot file is an effective tool for your foot callus treatment.

Rotating Callus Remover

You may choose from a variety of speeds by simply rotating the independent speed controller button. The machine must be operated with the right pressure; otherwise, it won’t rotate slowly enough to remove the dead skin from the feet. One of the best-selling products as mentioned by callus remover suppliers.

Rechargeable Callus Remover (1)

An effective foot pedicure equipment, the cordless electric callus removal foot file’s battery may be charged for two hours using the included adaptor. Use of the 1400 battery is limited to two hours. Remove rough feet and dead skin quickly. This is the best gift for someone you love, take good care of her/his skin

Professional Callus Remover

When operating at its highest speed, the Professional Callus Remover has two settings. If the pressure applied is too great, it will shut off immediately to protect the surrounding healthy skin. After using it, you may wash it and keep it clean. It may be used both wet and dry. The USB charging time for this callus remover is 3.5 hours.

Cordless Callus Remover (1)

Foot calluses can result in swelling, heel discomfort, and sometimes bleeding. Additionally, they lack a pleasant aesthetic. You can effortlessly exfoliate calluses and dead skin with the cordless callus remover’s powerful 2,400 RPM spinning roller. Maintain the beauty and health of your feet using this callus remover.

What is the MOQ for wholesale callus remover?

Our MOQ for each product is typically 1000 pieces, however we occasionally provide MOQ less than 1000 units

How long does it take to produce a mass quantity?

Depending on the order’s amount and timing, usually the lead time is 30 days for 100,000 units.

How does quality control work at your facility?

Prior to adding manufacturing to our business, we place the highest priority on quality, catalog, we’ll check the facility, test the sample, and oversee the whole production process. Once the client places the purchase, our engineer will confirm that the company has passed our engineer oversee the procurement of spare parts, their assembly, and packaging to ensure that the quality is good.

Can you set up shipping?

Furthermore, we have the ability to arrange for transportation by boat, via air, or express at your option.

How to place an order?

You may use the order form or reach out via email or call.

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