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Acrylic Nail Brush

The finish on an acrylic nail brush is extremely smooth, and it lasts longer than other types of brushes. Apply acrylic products with ease, consistency, and smoothness. The smoother the outcome will be, the more frequently this acrylic nail brush is used. Follow the right brush care instructions to increase its lifespan.

Wood Nail Brush

This wood nail brush is crafted from priceless rosewood. Perfect for adding small lines and details to nail tips. Hair from nail brushes lasts a long time and does not simply fall out. Excellent hair quality, simple design, and ease of use. Aesthetic designs by Yaeshii, one of the acrylic nail brush manufacturers.

Dual End

The nail art brush’s body is light and comfortable to grasp, making it simple to paint exquisite nail designs. Perfect for a well-established nail salon. It is also the ideal tool for a lady who wears makeup for love. Made from a sturdy material that is suitable for daily use. Make sure to clean after use to last.

Nail Art Set

You will receive 2 transparent mini nail liquid powder glass bowls and 6 acrylic nail art brushes, which are enough for you to decorate one nail and share with your friends. The clear glass bowl used for nail art is made of transparent glass, which is elegant, secure, and dependable, with a smooth surface and excellent construction.

High Quality Acrylic Brush

Acrylic nail brush suppliers are into this brush set because it includes seven acrylic nail brushes with golden glitter. They are all composed of premium materials and have silky hair, which is flexible and more able to absorb acrylic powder for acrylic applications. It is the perfect nail tool for both pro’s and newcomers.

Clear Acrylic Brush

With the Clear Nail Brush, apply acrylic with unmatched precision. This brush was thoughtfully created and entirely handmade using the best materials to bring your ideas to life. It is built to last. The brush was perfectly made by the acrylic nail brush manufacturers for smooth application. Here is where your ideal set begins!

Wholesale Acrylic Nail Brush

The Wholesale Acrylic Nail Brush set may be used to create a wide variety of DIY nail art, including painting flowers, drawing lines, adding color, and extending nail gel. The Wholesale Acrylic Nail Brush set is constructed of strong plastic and nylon wool, neither of which is easily bent.

Customized Acrylic Nail Brush

For your needs in artist, cosmetic, and nail art brushes made to order from customized acrylic nail brush, we can be your partner. We provide a wide assortment of good, better, and best brushes that span all price points and quality levels. We can provide you customized acrylic nail brush whether for beginners or pro.

Professional Acrylic Nail Brush

The ergonomically-designed of this Professional Acrylic Nail Brush makes it simpler to use and grip the pen. With the proper amount of weight, the brush is created to be comfortable for all nail technicians to hold. Acrylic nail brush suppliers say that this is the best seller for nail techs or pro’s.

How to clean the acrylic nail brush?
  • After each usage, immediately wash the acrylic nail brush.
  • To clean the brush, soak it in brush cleanser or diluted liquid soap, and then thoroughly rinse it under cold water.
  • To dry off the water from the acrylic nail brush, use a towel or cotton pad.
  • In a cool location, shape the brush hair into the ideal shape and let it air dry.
How long do acrylic nail brushes last?

According to the nail technicians we spoke to, brushes last between three and twelve months. Others claims that liquid and powder produce a small quantity of “syrup” where the ferrule and hair join, which is why you should clean your brush to get rid of old product.

What size of brush is recommended?

Everything comes down to personal preference. Choose a larger size, such as the Size 16, if you want to create manicure sets fast and have more clients visit your salon throughout the day. Try a Size 12 if you are a rookie nail technician and are unsure of your bead applications.


What are your acrylic brushes made of?

Natural animal hair (often kolinsky or sable) or synthetic fibers, or a combination of the two, are used to make the bristles of nail brushes.


How can you prevent acrylic brush from hardening?

Just enough cleaning should be used to cover the brush bristles. The ferrule, a metal piece connecting the bristles to the rest of the brush, may become moist and difficult to dry if you use too much cleaner in your dish or bowl. The brush cleanser can be kept in a little, clear measuring dish or shot glass.

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