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Whether you are in the beauty business or the hospitality and leisure sector, our wholesale hair dryer is the ideal addition to your personal care collection. Yaeshii makes it simple to locate what you’re searching for with extra features like a hair dryer diffuser. You can take advantage of excellent service each and every time you order with us thanks to the low rates on our wholesale hair dryer and the fact that the majority of our inventory is available for rapid shipping.

Consider us your reliable hair dryer supplier. Look through our assortment of wholesale hair dryer to discover the best dryer technologies at various price points. Everyone will find something to like. By using these instruments of a professional caliber, you can avoid overheating or damaging your customers’ hair throughout the drying process. These dryers are kind to the hair, so you can keep styling dry hair without worrying about overheating or over-styling the fresh cut you’ve just spent time perfecting.


Dyson supersonic hair dryer

The Dyson supersonic hair dryer was created with quick drying and controlled styling to assist boost smoothness while protecting hair from severe heat damage. This Dyson hair dryer or Dyson supersonic is popular with women across the globe. Hair dryer manufacturing companies’ best-selling products.

GHD Hair Dryer

This GHD Hair Dryer has a high-pressure airflow delivered by a professional-grade motor and innovative replaceable air filter for lightning-fast drying, and revolutionary ionic technology minimizes frizz and flyaways for a smooth salon-style finish. Hair dryer manufacturing companies also commended the GHD Hair Dryer.

China Hair Dryer

The China Hair Dryer was created by our hair dryer manufacturers as support to our Chinese women. Depending on your choice, this can be a personalized hair dryer or a custom hair dryer. This can be bought with a hair dryer diffuser. This device may smooth hair frizz, eliminate static electricity, and restore hair shine.

Pro Hair Dryer Diffuser

If you want a cheap hair dryer brush that actually does its job this is the perfect choice for you. Based on the feedback, this is the cheaper version of the Dyson supersonic hair dryer or Dyson hair dryer because hair dryer manufacturers match its features. Many hair dryer supplier are looking for this product.

Titanium Hair Dryer

This hair dryer brush was built for speed. It was praised for its powerful airflow and user-friendly controls and attachments. Additionally, tests revealed that the hair dryer brush is lightweight, quiet, and has a long enough cable. One of the selections for personalized hair dryer or a custom hair dryer.

Hair Blow Dryer Brush

Lightweight and simple to grip, came out on top in our test because it produced the most volume among the finalists, was the quietest, had the gentlest heat, and was effective on all hair types. Hair dryer manufacturing companies always put this on their list as this is one of the best-selling hair dryer brushes.

Ultra Light Pro Dryer

The Ultra Light Pro Dryer is the only item of its kind that provides energy efficiency and professional quality. It is lighter than before and highly powerful. Hair dryer manufacturers created this one for women with bangs so it would be easier to use it because of its weight. Can also be matched with a Dyson hair dryer.

Professional Hair Dryer

A powerful yet softer model than others. The hair dryer factory created this so that even with the lowest air temperature and the highest setting out of the three, it swiftly dried hair samples. Balanced weight and stature that feels forceful yet aren’t excessively huge or hefty. Hair dryer factory

Ultra Smooth Professional Hair Dryer

The most powerful heat-emitting hair drier model swiftly dried even thick or coarse hair. Its air temperature, which was 150°F, was the highest of the best dryers, making it a suitable choice for thick hair. Additionally, it received great marks for being easy to use and comfortable to carry.

What are the personalized hair dryer or custom hair dryer you offer?

  • The Hair Blow Dryer Brush and China Hair Dryer are fully customizable. Whether its from a hair dryer supplier or directly from a hair dryer manufacturing company.

How will I know if I need to replace my hair dryer?

  • Even while the greatest hairdryers may endure for many years, most people typically purchase a new one every three to five years. If you take care of them properly and choose a quality product, they may last longer.

What settings do I need for a Dyson hair dryer?

  • The number of heat settings you require for your hair type and style needs will determine how handy it is to have a hair dryer with several heat settings. For instance, thinner, finer hair dries more effectively on a lower setting, therefore a person with this type of hair may not need as many settings as someone with thicker, rougher hair. Our advice would be to use three settings: high for quick drying, medium for more thorough drying, and low/cool for finishing.

Is it required to visit the hair dryer factory for the personalized hair dryer?

  • No need. Just send us the detailed information on how you would your personalized hair dryer look like and we’ll just coordinate it with our team

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