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Superior Nail Drill Bit Set. Uniquely crafted with excellent precision.

Wholesale Nail Drill is compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry and portable to bring it out, you can so your nail art work anytime anywhere.

It is professional for both home and salon use made from nail drill suppliers. Just need to connect the power cord with it to start working. Easy to clean safety drill bit.

Designed with Chinese nail drill high-quality aluminum alloy material. These nail art tools are hard-wearing and durable to use.

The upgraded handpiece has heat dissipation holes above, better heat dissipation effect, safer use.

Compared with other acrylic nail drills, the variable speeds of our electric nail file can reach 35,000RPM.

We Have The Best Nail Drill

How do you use a nail drill for beginners?

To use a nail drill on natural nails, move  the drill from one side of your nail to another in small circular motions. keeping flat to the nail while working.

Do nail drill damages nails?

Using a drill to remove soft gel or regular nail polish can result in major nail damage.

Why did my nail drill stop working?

When a drill runs intermittently, the problem can be traced to a bad cord or worn brushes (sometimes the switch  may be defective , but usually the switch fails in the “on” or “off” position). The best way to check out a power cord is with a continuity tester on an ohm meter.

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