Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic Packaging

Yaeshii’s Private Label Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics are chemicals that are used to cleanse, beautify, and enhance the look of humans without affecting the structure or functions of the body. Cosmetic packaging refers to fragrance and cosmetic product containers as well as supplementary packaging. The basic goal of packaging is to protect the product from all potential risks during transportation and handling. Yaeshii as one of the best cosmetic packaging manufacturers will provide services to assist you in meeting your project planning objectives and deadlines.

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What can you expect from Yaeshii’s custom cosmetic packaging?

  • Materials used for the custom cosmetic packaging are environment friendly
  • Testing for product compatibility at the cosmetic packaging factory
  • Security features are added in custom cosmetic packaging
  • A lot of custom design cosmetic packaging to choose from
  • Private label cosmetic packaging can also be one of your option
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Purpose of custom design cosmetic packaging

  • To make transit and storage easier
  • To avoid product contamination
  • To avoid spoiling
  • To determine the contents and quality of the merchandise
  • To demonstrate how to utilize the product
  • To improve distribution, handling, stacking, display, and selling convenience, as well as opening, closing, usage, dispensing, reuse, recycling, and disposal.
  • To keep track of portion sizes– one serving
Empty PVC
PVC plastic packaging is more impact resistant and provides excellent barrier protection
Empty Glass
100% recyclable and may be recycled indefinitely without sacrificing quality or purity and best use for perfumes
Aluminum Packaging
Metal offers a modern design, there is a lot of personalization that can be done with this package.
Empty Lipstick Tube Gradient
A plastic lipstick tube with gradient colors perfect for your cosmetic drawers
Empty Lipstick Container
Made of high quality material, which is durable, portable and washable
Empty Fashion Lipstick Container
A fashionable lipstick container that can be completely customized to meet your needs
Luxury Cosmetic Glass
Cosmetic packaging manufacturers opt for this because of its high quality
Empty Acrylic Container
China cosmetic packaging best for creamy products
China Cosmetic Glass
China cosmetic packaging best for liquid products

Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging (3)

Private Label Cosmetic Packaging (4)

Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging Materials

Cosmetic packaging suppliers opt for this materials because of its high quality. Best selling for wholesale cosmetic packaging materials.
Glass Fragrance
Glass Fragrance
Glass bottles with stunning designs are used to hold personal scent bottles. They go well with both crimped and crimpless pumps.
Airless Pump Bottle
Airless Pump Bottle
A vacuum dispensing method that uses a mechanical pump in a container and is not pressurized. When disc rises as you press down, product will push out of the pump.
Travel Perfume
Travel Perfume
Innovative travel necessities allow you to carry your favorite scents with you wherever you go. Perfect for travellers because of its handy size.

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Cosmetic Packaging

Are materials environmentally friendly?

Yes! Come and visit our cosmetic packaging factory to check the materials we’re using for our cosmetic packaging

Will the product be harmed by temperatures?

Most of our cosmetic packaging suppliers opt for glass tubes to protect the product from low and high temperature. We do the testing of product compatibility in the cosmetic packaging factory before releasing.

What are the services you offer?

We offer best services to our cosmetic packaging vendors and cosmetic packaging suppliers. Yaeshii team will help you choose from primary cosmetic packaging and secondary cosmetic packaging.

Is it possible to receive samples before placing an online order?

Sample packaging our available for cosmetic packaging vendors and cosmetic packaging suppliers. Feel free to reach out to our team for further instructions.

How can I know if a container or closure will work with my product?

There will be a scheduled product testing in cosmetic packaging factory for your products.

What is your minimum online order?

With a few exceptions, all containers are offered by the case. Any amount of closures, pumps, and sprayers can be bought.

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