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Wooden Shower Brush

The non-slip rubber patch on the handle’s smooth, polished wood makes it simple to wield in the water. You may use each side to scrape off the soap and massage your skin for improved blood flow, leaving you spotless.

Soft Shower Brush

After a hard day, you may give your skin a relaxing massage with both soft and firm bristles, or you can take good care of delicate skin. You can effectively scrub your back and keep it clean because of the long handle.

Quick Dry Shower Brush

Shower back scrubbers have medium-sized bristles that are excellent in removing dirt and residue from skin. With the non-slip grooves on the plastic handle, you may bathe without worrying about the brush slipping away.

Anti-Slip Shower Brush

To conveniently access those hard-to-reach areas and maintain your body’s health through adequate lymphatic drainage, the long hardwood handle is equipped with anti-slip grip patches. Best purchase to your shower brush manufacturers.

Dual-Sided Shower Brush

Shower brush manufacturers created this for two purposes: While the nylon-covered, softer side may be used on skin that is delicate, the stiffer side of the brush has natural boar bristles that are ideal for massage and skin therapy.

Electric Shower Brush

You must thoroughly wash, exfoliate, and massage your skin if you want it to be clear, healthy, and pore-free. Selecting the greatest electric body brush may accomplish all of this. Limited supply at shower brush manufacturers.

Best Curve Shower Brush

Shower brush supplier are into bath brush that gives skin a deep clean for a healthy appearance. The strong plastic handles are comfortable to grasp, and the ridges on them are intended to prevent slipping in the shower.

Oval-Shape Shower Brush

The hardwood handle aids in better cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas while encouraging skin suppleness and softness. The removable oval brush head’s pressure is just appropriate without causing irritation to your skin.

Silicone Shower Brush

The silicone brush may be used to remove makeup, exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, and massage the skin to promote the formation of new cells. Use it to clean your face, legs, and even your entire body.

Where are Yaeshii products made?

Before becoming one of our partners, our shower brush manufacturers must pass stringent inspection and audit procedures and adhere to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Yaeshii and our shower brush supplier abide by all rules and local legislation in any nation with which we presently do business.

Does your business follow ethical labor laws?

Yes, we have implemented labor rights procedures. We demand that all of our shower brush supplier comply with fair labor rights, which prohibit the use of forced labor and establish equitable salaries and overtime pay. In order to ensure constant quality and safety, we have our own qualified quality control and quality assurance employees that do routine and sporadic inspections. High standards are set for both the product quality and the working conditions.

Can you also do the custom shower brush?

Yes! We also have the custom shower brush available, all you have to do is to send us your inquiry. Custom shower brush inclusions are: customize bristle depending on your choice, customize color and customize handle that you can also put your name!

What's the composition of my brushes?

All of our brushes are created with bamboo that is sustainable, recycled aluminum, and cruelty-free bristles.

How can I place a product order?

Below the product, you will see the option “Send your Inquiry” fill out the necessary details and instructions if there are any for placing an order.

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