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The ultra-soft, unique, latex-free foam, a top-selling Beauty Blender sponge, instantly blends makeup for an effortless application and flawless, skin-like finish. What it does: The Beauty Blender sponge design and proprietary substance guarantee excellent, streak-free application with the least amount of product waste. Almost every product in your cosmetic kit may be applied with the Beauty Blender Sponge, including foundation, BB cream, concealer, and more. What are you waiting for? If you don’t want to visit the Beauty Blender factory to look for available products, you are in the right page!


Where are beauty blenders made?


One of the popular questions about Beauty Blenders is “Where are Beauty Blenders made?” Polyurethane foam and water-soluble dye are used to make the Beauty Blender sponge. Typically, hydrophilic foam—a fancy term that just means “built to absorb water”—is used to make Beauty Blender sponge. Simply damp your makeup sponge before applying your foundation to obtain a more sheer application.

Yaeshii as Beauty Blender manufacturer & Makeup Sponge manufacturer created a lot of Beauty Blender sponge in the Beauty Blender factory that really made an impact in the market. We have China Beauty Blender, Custom Beauty Blender, Professional Beauty Blender, Wholesale Beauty blender, and Private Label Beauty Blender. We also cater Beauty Blender Supplier,


Original Beauty Blender

One of the cosmetic sponges wholesale that you can buy in an affordable price. Beauty Blender manufacturer & Makeup Sponge manufacturer made this sponge for customers that are beginners and new to makeup. Beauty Blender manufacturer & Makeup Sponge manufacturer made these as Custom Beauty Blender.

China Beauty Blender

One of the more liquid foundation products that this China Beauty Blender is meant to apply is the cushion compact foundation. This China Beauty Blender can be used with any foundation product. Apply blush, bronzer, or highlighter with this China Beauty Blender for a unique effect. Avail as Private Label Beauty Blender.

Custom Beauty Blender

You can use this Custom Beauty Blender for both your personal and professional needs. Without leaving any drip areas, softly and seamlessly applies your foundation! This Custom Beauty Blender is excellent for blending and contouring. Available as private label Beauty Blender in the Beauty Blender factory.

Professional Beauty Blender

Achieve a flawless blend using the high-definition, award-winning Professional Beauty Blender. Thanks to the airbrushed application that the exclusive Professional Beauty Blender material provides, your preferred formula will end up on your skin and not your Professional Beauty Blender.

Wholesale Beauty Blender

Wholesale Beauty Blender are made of soft, elastic synthetic material that works well for both dry and wet applications. A box of 100 Wholesale Beauty Blender is included. Bulk makeup sponges in traditional colors are available. One of the best selling Beauty Blenders in the Beauty Blender factory.

With its generous contact area, this foundation sponge can apply foundation to the face swiftly and uniformly. Use a round or teardrop-shaped foundation sponge to perfect makeup on the canthus, nose, and other places. This unique beauty sponge is best-selling to our Beauty Blender supplier.

Micro Mini Sponge

For this little blender with a laser focus, no task is too small! This pair of black micro sponge applicators, which are each 1/4 the size of the original blender, aid in perfectly blending concealer, color-correcting, and contour makeup. This is available as private label Beauty Blender to our Beauty Blender supplier.

Blusher Beauty Blender

Not here, clown cheeks. This medium-sized applicator is made to apply and blend your cheeks with the ideal quantity of blush. Your favorite formula will land on your skin, not your sponge, thanks to the distinctive Blusher Beauty Blender materials’ airbrushed application and minimum product absorption.

Flat Beauty Blender

The sponge’s wide, rounded edge is ideal for applying bronzer and foundation on a basic level said by our Beauty Blender Supplier. The flat side is ideal for contouring with creamy products, while the tapering end is for detailing. For sensitive skin, a very flexible applicator made of latex-free foam.

Should you use a Beauty blender wet or dry?

To create a flawless blend, a Beauty blender should always be used moist, advises Lottie. Wet, squeeze, bounce is therefore Beauty blenders’ guiding principle. Because the Beauty Blender is hydrophilic, it can really absorb water. It’s too full to absorb your foundation while it’s wet.

What is a Beauty blender used for?

Any cream or liquid cosmetic product can be applied to the skin and blended with the Beauty Blender to create a smooth, poreless finish. It is renowned for its “unique aqua-activated foam” and sphere shape, which can virtually reach every facial contour.

Where are Beauty Blenders made?

One of the popular questions about Beauty Blenders is “Where are Beauty Blenders made?” Polyurethane foam and water-soluble dye are used to make the Beauty Blender Sponge.



After each usage, do you wash a Beautyblender?

To maintain both your face and blender in top shape, we advise cleaning it after each usage. Every piece of cosmetic equipment has the potential to harbor bacteria and grease. Breakouts, discomfort, illness, poor application, and damaged brushes can all be brought on by a dirty brush or blender.

How often should my Beauty Blender be washed?

Ideally, you should wash your Beauty Blender after each use because it requires a little more care than typical brushes do. Run it under warm water for a quick rinse until the water is clear.

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