Wooden Hair Brush

Size: 11 cm x 3 cm (4,3″x 1,2″)
weight: 45.08 grams
Material: Wood
Packing: OPP bag/PVC box/Paper box/Gift box/Customized box
 colors: Gradient Yellow/Gradient Pink/Gradient Blue/Gradient Grey
Custom Color/Logo/Packaging/Size
 MOQ: 500PCS
Delivery time: Sample 5-7 working days, mass 25-30 working days

OEM and ODM Manufacture for Custom Logo, Custom Color and Custom Packing, Suit for Your all Custom Service

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People Who Reviewed

This is a great set of combs! I cut hair for a few people and this was so much easier to use to separate and part the hair for cutting. Hair did not cling to the teeth when wet, either, which made cutting the hair short much easier. I also found that this is a great comb to use for heat-styling your hair. As someone with naturally-curly hair, I always have to straighten my hair in sections. Not only is sectioning my hair easier, but it didn’t conduct the heat from my hair straightener, either. Fewer burned fingers!!! It’s also easy to clean, so that’s always a bonus!–Carla,USA

This is a perfect comb. It’s sturdy enough not to break teeth and the tail is this for perfect parts.I did t give you enough information.. These combs are great because you asked if the comb bends. It doesn’t bend at all. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer sooner but both combs were in purses and I forgot where I put them!! –Jimmy, Malaysia



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