Wholesale Wooden Comb

Size: 7 inch
Weight: 25g
 Material: Peach Wooden
 Packaging: OPP bag/PVC box/Paper box/Gift box/Customized box
 Colors: Natural Wood
Custom Color/Logo/Packaging/Size
 MOQ: 500PCS
Delivery time: Sample 5-7 working days, mass 25-30 working days

Wooden combs are one of the healthiest ways of combing your hair. The wooden teeth have rounded tips that have a gentle massaging effect on your scalp. This massaging effect stimulates natural oils in your hair cuticles and creates natural volume and luster. We support personalized service, accept all customized requirements, sufficient supply, efficient production, complete certificates, and quality assurance.

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We can produce and design any style you want

People Who Reviewed

“OMG. Cheap material.. they are made of the most ridiculously cheap wood I have ever experienced in a comb. don’t bother with these. If you need combs, step up a couple bucks and get combs that won’t ‘twink’ and break with the teeniest of snags…” — Michelle,US

“Honestly im a uni student and I don’t know how to look after my natural 4c hair. I had a comb before this and broke because of how tangled my hair was and im guessing it wasn’t a good comb too. These combs are great for the price, managed to detangle my hair after leaving in my braids for 6 months due to the pandemic. Highly recommend, the combs are great especially if you don’t know how to look after your hair properly like me haha!” — Janice,Norway

“Yaeshii is one of the only haircomb I’ve ever trusted. Affordable price…”James,Canada



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